Meet the families of CBB

Brian and Dr. Marti Ferris are life long participants in the livestock industry. Brian manages their cattle ranch on a full time basis and Marti, who is a large animal veterinarian, oversees the health and feeding programs for both operations. Their boys Clint and Blake are actively involved in the ranching operation.

The Elliott family began their cattle enterprise in 1992 with one orphan Charolais calf and four young Colorado kids. Over the years, both operations have grown considerably, not only in quantity but quality. The little orphan heifer that started the Elliott Charolais program came from the Ferris ranch. The Elliott family has turned to Brian and Marti many times as mentors.

About the CBB Program

We raise Charolais (Shar-o-lay) and Charolais-Crossbred cattle which has long been renowned for its high quality eating experience: FLAVORFUL, TENDER and LEAN. The tenderness is due in part to the 14-21 day dry-aging that precedes processing. We offer quarters, halves and wholes- custom cut to your specifications. You can select roast size, steak thickness, ground beef package sizes- Retail or Wholesale- Fresh or Frozen. Our beef can be enjoyed by any person seeking a pleasurable eating experience. We have retailers that sell our product in individual packages.. Humane treatment of all cattle is a high priority in our program. Happy and healthy cows make us happy!

Colorado's Best Beef Company utilizes wind energy, solar energy, conservation, and progressive, efficient grazing methods in an effort to be as sustainable as possible. The Ferris' have been innovative and progressive thinkers in their approach to the livestock business. Brian's grandfather, Clint, was a pioneer Charolais breeder and was often among the first to employ new or different management practices. Brian and Marti, keeping with tradition, have employed a more efficient grazing system on the ranch, increasing bio-diversity and vegetation for area wildlife as well as for the cattle. In 2004 Brian was named the East Adams Conservation District-Conservationist of the Year. The Elliott Family along with the Ferris' were looking to market their all-natural beef. Ben Elliott, the eldest, went to his school principal and asked if he could sell his natural beef through the school and church bulletin. The sales blossomed and word of mouth spread the reputation of the fine, tender, custom beef product. The program has greatly grown in the purebred Charolais direction. Recently, Ben Elliott has developed a Crossbred program where he uses Charolais bulls with black and red cows. While expanding their cattle and beef program and becoming more knowledgeable, the Elliott family is very active in 4-H and FFA. Both families have shown cattle competitively at local, state and even national levels. The older boys now judge livestock shows at various fairs. The Elliott family was the 2001 Boulder County Fair Family of the Year.

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