Quarter, Half & Whole Beef


**Includes beef AND processing**
Shipping and delivery charges are EXTRA.

A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required on all 1/4, 1/2 and whole purchases. 

The deposit is applied to final payment.

Average Size

Half of Beef average size ranges from 350-500 pounds/ Hanging carcass weight. Loss from bones, fat, etc. approximately 32% of carcass weight. Note: You won't get 350-500 pounds of packaged beef. There will be bone and trim loss prior to packaging.

Take Home Weight

Package Take home- weight on Half of Beef, average size, 250-370 pounds, approximately. It will also depend on your cutting order. Example of packaged 1/2 Beef.

Out of POcket

Approximately $1,000 - $1,420 for beef and processing per quarter or approximately $2,000 - $2,840 for beef and processing per half. (This works out to about $7.63 - $8.45 / pound for all the cuts of meat in a standard cutting order. Note: If you have a cutting order with several de-boned cuts, the price works out to be more.

Beef Cuts

Information on the different types of beef cuts. View Here

Cutting Instructions

Not sure how to order? We have a handy chart to help explain your choices. Feel free to call with any questions.
Cutting Instructions 


Do I have to cut up big pieces of beef myself?
NO, the processor cuts and packages all the cuts of beef for you and grinds the ground beef, as well. 

If I am a restaurant or butcher and want to cut up the beef myself, can I? And can I get the beef fresh rather than frozen?
Yes, we can sell you ½’s of beef broken into primal cuts for you to do your own retail cuts. And you can get fresh or frozen for wholesale.
What type of packaging is used? 
The processor vacuum packs and freezes all custom beef. It will last in your freezer for 2-5 years without freezer burning, unless the seal gets broken.

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