London Broil

Chef Mark Rogers

(Using Flank, Top Round Steak, or Chuck Steak)


v      Flank steak, Top Round steak, or Chuck steak

v      Olive oil – ¼ cup

v      Red wine vinegar – ½ cup

v      Garlic Powder ½ teaspoon

v      Liquid Smoke – (few drops on each side)

v      Lawry’s Seasoning Salt ¾ teaspoon

v      Black Pepper

v      1 or 2 cans of beef broth

v      Dry red wine – 1 Cup

v      Worcestershire Sauce – ½ teaspoon

v      Parsley – pinch




--Coat steak with olive oil, red wine vinegar and few drops of liquid smoke. Rub Seasoning salt and garlic powder over both sides of coated steak. Sprinkle both sides of steak with black pepper. (Knead flavorings into beef.) Let marinade in fridge for at least half hour. (May prepare ahead of time and leave in fridge over night.)

--Meanwhile, Boil broth, red wine, Worcestershire sauce and parsley. Reduce by1/3. (2/3 of liquid remaining.)

--Barbeque beef on grill. [Start with very hot grill, sear steak on both sides, reduce heat on grill and move steaks to upper rack or continue slow cook. - Do not over cook.]

--Remove steak and slice across grain, at a slant – approx. ¼” thick slices.

--Pour beef burgundy sauce over the slices and serve.